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Blackberry-Mango & Vanilla Chia Pudding

Chia pudding of two fruits that go very well together, the sweet mangos and the more acidic blackberries. They make a great trio with the plant-based creamy vanilla chia pudding. The mix of the three flavors is a show stopper.


Prep: 15 mins   |   Cook: 0 mins   |   Total: 15 mins



1 cup of blackberries

1 cup of mangos

4 tbsp of chia seeds divided

2 tsp of maple syrup divided

½ cup of plant-based vanilla milk



Using a hand mixer, puree the blackberries with one teaspoon of maple syrup, transfer to a small container and add 1 tbsp of chia seeds. Mix well.

Also puree the mangos with the hand mixer. If using frozen mangos add a splash of water. Transfer to a small container, add 1 tbsp of chia seeds and mix well.

In a third container add the plant-based milk with the remaining chia seeds and maple syrup. Mix well.

Cover all the containers and refrigerate overnight. In the morning spoon each pudding in layers in a tall glass. Voilá, simple and delicious. Enjoy!


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