Butternut Squash & Quinoa Pilaf

Serving dish of butternut squash made with brown rice and quinoa decorated with basil leaves

A delicious vegan pilaf made with brown rice, quinoa, slivered almonds and butternut squash. Spiced with nutmeg, thyme and fresh basil. The almonds are browned in olive oil and the squash is roasted with thyme for extra flavor. I know by now some people in North America might be a bit tired of pumpkin and […]

Pear & Almond – Quinoa & Oats Baked Cups

apple, pear almond and oats cups

What a beautiful and light way to start the day with plenty of plant-based proteins, fiber, minerals and pure deliciousness. The delicate taste of pear complements very well the almond flavor; it is like biting into moist healthy marzipan cups. I wanted to create a recipe with no animal products but at the same time […]

Almond Cardamom Cake

slice of almond cardamon cake from foodellette

This gluten-free recipe is a success, being light and fluff this cake doesn’t last. The cardamom gives a delicate taste and adds sweetness. The high amount of protein from eggs and almonds makes it a great and very satisfying snack. Native from India and Indonesia this delicious spice is slowly but surely becoming more popular. […]