Chocolate & Peanut Butter Blended Chia Pudding

Chocolate Chia pudding made from chia, peanut butter in. a glass. jar

Velvety and satisfying, there is a good balance between the chocolate and peanut. This is a dessert for breakfast type of recipe. Sweetened with dates, for extra fiber and a low glycemic index, ensuring no blood sugar spikes.

Watermelon Chia Parfait

Healthy breakfast where different textures and tastes will dance in your mouth. Juicy and sweet watermelon, together with the creamy chia pudding, sour yogurt, even sweeter honey, crunchy pecans and popping hemp seeds. Assured a good mood for all morning. Have you tried watermelon and yogurt? It is a delicious combination of sweet and juicy […]

Chia & Oats Cookie Dough Pudding

Chia pudding meets overnight oats. Smooth and comforting, this creamy plant-based pudding looks and tastes like cookie dough but has all the health benefits of chia and oats. Sweetened with dates it is a treat for breakfast, snack or dessert. Prep: 20 mins | Cook: 0 mins | Total: 20 mins   Ingredients ¾ cup […]

Avocado Chocolate Mousse Matcha Chia Pudding

A silky and smooth avocado chocolate mousse complements so well the more intense and very creamy matcha chia pudding. Lots of healthy fats, antioxidants, plus fiber in this superb combination of flavors. Can be a decadent dessert or a deluxe afternoon pick me up.                        […]

Blackberry-Mango & Vanilla Chia Pudding

Chia pudding of two fruits that go very well together, the sweet mangos and the more acidic blackberries. They make a great trio with the plant-based creamy vanilla chia pudding. The mix of the three flavors is a show stopper.   Prep: 15 mins   |   Cook: 0 mins   |   Total: 15 […]