Cranberry & Chia Jam

Cranberry chia jam in the serving jar surrounded by cranberries, oranges and chia seeds

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All the goodness of cranberries and chia seed together in the same jar. A delectable chia jam made with fresh cranberries and orange juice. Sweetened with dates and spiced with cardamom for a fresh and invigorating taste.

Forget the cranberry jellies and sauces with tons of sugar, this is the new and healthy way.

Cranberries are very nutritious and one of my favorites, but mostly seen during Thanksgiving, as juice or dried. It would be nice to see this delicious berry more often on cheesecakes, ice cream, jams, mousses and salad dressing to name a few. I’ve been seeing more chia jam on the supermarket shelves but not with cranberries yet.

Cranberries can help your body get rid of bad bacteria, plus add insoluble and soluble fiber to your diet and lots of antioxidants. If you want to know more check the Macadamia & Cranberry Oat Cookies recipe.

Chia seeds are an excellent source of antioxidants that may have a protective effect on your heart, liver besides anticancer properties. The nutrients present in chia seeds such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus may also promote strong bones. Here is another delicious chia recipe, Chia & Oats Cookie Dough Pudding.

This delicious jam can be eaten with toast, yogurt or even with chia pudding as a double chia treat. But you can also make a glamorous appetizer by spreading a thin layer of cream cheese on a cracker or a piece of pita bread and topping it with a dollop of the jam!

picture of crackers with creme cheese and cranberry chia jam
Cranberry chia jam canapé


Prep: 15 mins   |   Cook: 20 mins   |   Total: 35 mins


all ingredients used in the cranberry chia jam



1 ½ cup of fresh or frozen cranberries

1 ½  cup of orange juice

3 cardamom pods

1 tsp of orange zest

¾ cup of chopped dates

⅓ cup of water

2 ½ tbsp of chia seeds


all ingredients of the jam inside pot



In a medium pot combine the orange juice, the cranberries, cardamon, orange zest and dates. Using medium heat, bring to a boil then lower the heat and simmer, stirring often for about  20 minutes or until most of the cranberries and dates have dissolved. 


Pot with cranberry chia jam


Let it cool down, remove the cardamon pods. Then using an immersion blender or a regular blender, blend the jam until smooth. 

Add the water and the chia seeds and stir well. Wait 15 minutes, give another good stir then place in an airtight glass container and keep it refrigerated.

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